Xiantas is a ruler of a planet called Coven. She looks like a human from Earth but can change form depending on her need. The forms she changes into are: Demon, Vampire, and Black Crimsion.


Weapons: Two medium length swords, Japanese sai, and a hidden knife Magic: Ability to use strong and various magics. She is the Queen of the Demons, Queen of the Vampires, and the Black Crimson (the most powerful of the Crimsons. For explanation of magic races, see Biography) She can use her magic to do just about anything she can think of. Her magic has no bounds, but consumes energy of which can put her in a coma for a few days.


Name: Xiantas

Sex: Female

Age: 17

Three Special Skills: ability to use vaious forms of magic, infect people and turn them into Vampires, ability to heal

Two Weaknesses: weakness to gold bullets while in Vampire form and has strong compassion toward her friends

Behaves the Following Way in Social Situations: Xiantas is an incredibly strong individual. She has had to deal with tough and hard situations through her life and does not think twice when it comes to protecting herself, her friends, or her people. She does not hesitate in killing or fighting. She speaks her mind and is not afriad to suggest solutions to anything. She does not appreicate it when her past is brought up in a conversation. She will flagrantly ignore any question about her past.

Name of Planet and what People of Planet Need: Xiantas is from Coven and the people of Coven are in dire need of forces willing to fight against the new foe named Amorae who threatens to take over Coven. She plans to take over other planets in the universe once Coven is hers.

More About Me:

Backstory: Xiantas is originally a normal girl, named Kyra Black, living on Earth that unfortunately loses her parents who were murdered. Xiantas then comes into her parents and learns of her most hated enemy, Ansam. He is responsible for her parents’ murder. She then one day wakes up on a foreign world called Coven. While searching for Ansam she meets Xanthos, a strong Demon and the King of the Vampires. They become friends and search for Ansam together. One day Xiantas is attacked by a rebel Vampire and Xanthos has to turn her into a Vampire in order to save her. Soon after her transformation she learns she is the Black Crimson and of Ansam’s whereabouts.

A war breaks out between Ansam and his Demon forces and Xiantas and Xanthos who have the Vampires and Crimsons on their side. The war is won by Xiantas and Xanthos and Ansam is killed. All was at peace for several years until a new foe, Amorae, has come into her powers. She wants to take over Coven. Xiantas is in desperate need of allies.

The races of Coven: Demons: Magic users that can levitate items, conjure items, and synthesize items based on magic skill level. Demons use energy to perform magic. If they exceed their energy limit they can go into a coma for a period of time or die. Most Demons are at a moderate level and can perform magic with a medium strength. Xiantas is the Queen of the Demons and can perform magic at a high strength. She cannot die from exceeding her energy limit

Vampires: Creatures with heightened senses, quick speed, incredible strength, and the ability to infect Demons. They feed on blood (of course!) and the sun does not kill them. The only thing that can kill a Vampire is a golden bullet or a deadly attack by a Crimson. Xiantas is Queen of the Vampires, but not by choice. She was attacked as a Demon by a rebel Vampire (a Vampire that goes against the Vampire King). The rebel Vampire left her for dead in a forest. Luckily, the Vampire King saved her life by infecting her, making her his Queen.

Crimsons: Elemental magic users that attack with flying beasts that take the shape of animals or mythical creatures called “Crimsons” Green Crimsons- attack using earthly elements (rock and plants) Blue Crimsons- attack using water Yellow Crimsons-attack by summoning electricity from inside them to attack Red Crimsons- attack by summoning fire from inside them to attack

The ruler of the Crimsons is the Black Crimson, a being that uses all the elements a Crimson can use to attack. It’s crimson beast is able to attack and distract better than a regular crimson can.


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