Srella De Jabarrnete

With a great history and an epic playlist,he will quickly grow on you.


Character’s name:Srella Jasirine Raceller De Jaberrnete Character’s Gender: Male Character’s home planet:Kajii Character’s species:Kajii-Mammal Customs of species in social situations: Stay calm, don’t rush thinking,keep the peace as long as possible Character’s rank or title:Captin Srella of the Mighty Parthna Special Skills: Can see the future Weaknesses: Bad Attitudes, Rainy Days,and corn dogs One thing you need for your home planet:Medical Support Items carried to WILF event: Humanoid Clothing

Three Special Skills:

Two (more) Weaknesses:Squirrels and Earth Video-Game System

More About Me:I like to sing, i <3 puppys, and my earth friend showed me the glories of the iPod* * _p. p. p. p. _


Srella is a fair-souled creature with no great need to tell his backstory. His history includes the fact that the war on his planet was almost completely his fault…..well he’ll tell you about it later….

Srella De Jabarrnete

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