Daniac Droid 524

she can make anyone do wahtever she wants


Mer in Route 7 at level 3 Dark/Psychic Nature AC: dont know what that is HP: 229 Weapons: Her mind, a metal fork, and a baton Reflexes: Sees everything in slow motion when triggered, is flexible beyond imagination OTHER Can pretend to be your friend but might betray you if necessary. She does everything that she needs to to suit her need. She hates any other race, but might not show it. She always wants what she can’t have.


Was made in Atory #13. She was the 467 made. She was made at exactly 12:00 during an acid meteor shower. There was also an eclipse at the time. All of these events at once caused some abnormality in her metal motherboard. That is how she became herself. She only loves nonmetallic, normal, fleshy things. These beings are very rarely seen on her planet. They are sworn not to interact with her type. She has a secret lover she cannot see enough. She wants to become High Priestess in her Matriarchal centered world and rule. She wants to change any rules that do not benefit her. She also wants to marry her lover, Xaenoun, and rule with him by her side forever. Her enemies is everyone not from her planet. She loves spaghetti and worm covered ants. That is a delicacy in her world.

Daniac Droid 524

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