Ebenezer Lock


Name: Lock

Sex: M F Both: Male

Age: 27

Three Special Skills: Writing, Thinking outside the Box, keeping a straight face, tinkering

Two Weaknesses: Socially inept, Short

Behaves the Following Way in Social Situations: Usually does not open himself up to people. However, he is not sociopathic.

Name of Planet and what People of Planet Need: Lives on Zedrhu. Needs technology.

More About Me: I have pale hair.


Lock was a young boy who had almost no friends at all in school until he met Martin. Martin was tall, outspoken, and had fiery hair. They were opposites so of course they immediately became friends. One day Lock was outside the village taking a walk in the direction of a herd of water buffalo, when he saw a young dragon trying to hunt a zebu. The dragon was jumping back and forth trying to confuse its opponent. Lock didn’t know why such a young dragon would be hunting until he realized that there were black streaks on the red dragon’s side. The dragon was a mixed breed. Lock coaxed the dragon away from the buffalo using his sandwich that he had brought for lunch, and was able to get the dragon to accept him. He named her Flare and she’s lived with him ever since. She is probably the only living thing that Lock doesn’t have trouble speaking with.

Lock worked as scribe for Marian while Martin was Marian’s apprentice until Marian died and Martin became the village alchemist. On one visit to Tarka, Martin found out about the WILF. He joined it and told Lock about it. Lock decided that since he needed to get more used to conversing with people that he would join.

Ebenezer Lock

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