Lit-Cee is a Book Morph. This race can create any world they read about in a book, and in turn, become any person or creature that would fit into the scope of that book's world or worlds. In an attempt to maintain a governed body of citizens, the race i


Appearance: Because Lit-Cee spends so much time in the Book Dimension, she appears to most sentient beings as a shadowy figure in the shape of whatever character she is in the world of the book she is currently reading. She may even appear as a being from a planet other than her own. But, because she is silouetted much of the time, her appearance is never fully clear to those who are not able to enter the Book Dimension.


Ability to pull most sentient beings into the “Book Dimension”. The beings can only be pulled in willfully.

Becoming invisible to those that are not Book Morphs, as she can Morph into the Book Dimension and others cannot follow unless she wills it.

Knowledgable about the nature of many planets and their inhabitants as a result of being able to read books written in any language.

Carrying to Space Cafe event:

Spiraling Staff Invitations to visit the Morphing Planet Surveys about skill sets to give to other beings to fill out

Planet Problem:

The Morphs raised to see to the physical needs of the masses, farmers, craftsmen, builders, miners, etc., are rebelling. Lit-Cee is hoping to find an alien species to come and take on these responsibilities in return for the ability to spend some of their time in the Book Dimension.


Vulnerable to those of her own species who are able to mask their identities as Morphs in th Book Dimension and thus, can deeply influence the decisions other Morphs are making while thinking they are still reading the story. These Chameleons are able to change the story experience completely.

Has soft flesh and is vulnerable to most weapons when not wearing her metals.

Has limited conversational capabilities as many of her conversations are spin offs of the voice of a character in a book.



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