Martin von Heisendorkel




Three Special Skills:Alchemy, Dragon Taming, Physics (Medicine)

Two Weaknesses:Long Robes and Fire

Behaves the Following Way in Social Situations:Calm, collective, but sometimes passionate

Name of Planet and what People of Planet Need:Zedrhu, people need technology

More About Me: I have fiery red hair.


Has one scribe named Lock. Martin trained since age 12 as an apprentice to a village alchemist. He befriended Lock when they were young boys and stopped older boys from picking on Lock because of his small size. However, that soon stopped after Lock got his dragon. Martin commonly travels to one city named Tarka which is the only advanced city on the planet. He learns many discoveries from other alchemists there and also shops for things that he can not easily get in his village, Fiefra.

Martin von Heisendorkel

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