pop-u-lar girl

She wears extra high pink converse, a pink leather skirt, and white blouse. She has blonde hair with pink streaks and has fair pink skin.


*Her main superpowers are looking innocent, hypnotizing people into giving her stuff. She can fight crime while looking perfect , and she uses cheerleading moves for fighting crime. She is a popular cheerleader by day , but a mean hero by night. Here weapons are all disguised as normal every day make – up . Her lip – stick turns into a gun that fires nail polish. Her mascara wand turns into a full sized sword , and her eye shadow is deadly sleeping dust.


pop-u-lar girl lives on the planet pink – o- licous. On this planet everything is pink! The climate is hot all the time on one side of this planet , but cold all the time on the other. The hot side and the cold side are divided by the pink – cold- a- hot divide. She has been a orphan since birth , and resents anyone who has parents. Her major enemy is no- color- girl. They have been enemy’s since the day when no – color – girl tried to wipe out all the pink from pink-o – licous land. Pop- u – lar girl’s major goal in life is to make the world understand that pink is not just a girly color , and that blondes are a lot smarter then they look. She is also a member of the spread color all over the world committee. This committee is responsible for keeping colors on all the planets. For fun she likes fighting crime [duh]. Reading, watching movies that have smart blondes in it and, acting on stage.

pop-u-lar girl

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