tall with red hair, cat ears, and tail and yellow eyes


Character’s name: redtail

Character’s home planet: small islands with a family or a person on each one connected by chi

Character’s species: neko (cat/person)

Customs of species in social situations: pat between cat ears

Character’s rank or title: sword fighter

Special Skills: defeating people without drawing my blade

Weaknesses: failing the people i am trying to help and of course not having a sword i not very good without it

One thing you need for your home planet: earth from other planets

Items carried to WILF event: i dont know what this means


hello I’m redtail my plant is openly friendly but we keep to ourselves most of the time. i trained with master fang till a year ago when i passed the final test and fang is getting just plain old (don’t tell him i said that). Mom died at war and Dad is traveling to who knows where. people are named depending on how they look most of the time its the color of their fur, eyes, or a pattern in the fur.


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