Aurora's Planet

Zachtimus is a planet filled with lush forests, blue waters, and the freshest air you will ever breathe. The dominant species on Zachtimus were properly deemed Zachtimians. Zachtimans are humanoid creatures. They live close to two hundred years. The only difference is that there is a mutation in the brain that allows Zachtimians to have a perfect memory and to have a special connection to their Earth. The special connection is what allows DeCults to have such close connection to their goddess Uay. However this connection is hard to tap into, therefore when it is accessed Zachtimians believe it is a sign from Uay that you are of a chosen elite. (called the DeCults).

A DeCult is a fusion of what earthlings would call a priestess, mage, and peace activist. Our Goddess on our planet is called Uay. We believe she is a physical/spiritual embodiment of our planet. Uay is a wise Goddess, believing that she should interfere as little as possible. Uay will rarely manifest to speak to the highest (or her favorite) of the DeCults. When Uay does appear she will speak about her will, guide her people back onto the right path, or deliver a prophecy. (wich is EXTREMELY rare) DeCults are strictlly female, as Zachtimians view that women are sacred, spiritual, and wise, born directly from Uay. Women are the brain, heart, and spine of Zachtimian culture. Women decide who will marry whom, where and how houses may be built, and who may or may not train to become a DeCult. DeCults duties are to spread Uay’s will and direct people onto her path. DeCults are also very powerful magicians. DeCults (once they can study on their own) may begin to practice magic in any or all of the elements (earth, water, air, fire, spirit, necromancy). DeCults do not believe in war or really any form of violence. They try to spread peace all over Zachtimus to keep everyone in harmony with Uay. DeCults draw their power from their earth through their goddess, how powerful they are depends on the state of their planet. For instance, if the land flourished they would flourish. If our land was burnt to the ground, with all life gone, they would be sickly and be very close to death.

Every fifty years the DeCults travel to their precious city, Gael, for a traditional ceremony called The Ritual of the Moon. As tradition the DeCults must travel up a trecherous mountain pass, naked, with nothing but the skin on their backs and their bags. They must recieve no help and must use their connection with the earth to find their way to Gael, but also to food and water. This trek is not easy as it is constantly changing, and dangerous creatures rest on the trail. This pass is known as the Perlious Pass. When the DeCults finally arrive at Gael they are rewarded with clothes, shoes, and a warm place to stay. It is not uncommon for some DeCults to break limbs, recieve minor cuts, and a few have even died on the Perlious Pass. Once all of the arrivals have made it to Gael for at least a week the festivities begin. There are games, rooms for chatting, time to get caught up with long-distance friends. At night there are lovely ceremonies where everyone dances by the light of the fire and Zachtimus’s 3 moons. On the seventh day the DeCults gather in a room to dicuss possible threats, their apprentices, and new magic. Some even go into heavy prayer with their neighbors, showing their respect for one another.

A term you have probably heard me use is Galiel. Galiels are creatures only found on Zachtimus. There are one species for each element. Each species has control over the element they were created from.

Air- Look quite like the earthlings depiction of a griffin. Believed to have been created by Uay to protect the air of Zachtimus

Earth- They are sentient beings. They appear humanoid. They appear as tall humans with pointy ears. they have a certain gracefullness about them. They often travel to Zachtimians’ villages and mingle with society. They love to partake in the many ceremonies that are preformed in honor of Uay.

(more shall be added as I must prepare my travels to Terra Firma for the WILF meeting)

Aurora's Planet

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