Laith Banu's Planet


Comharthens, the inhabitants, are mostly centered on the arts. Agriculture, politics and learning always circle back to music or self expression. There are many different tribes on the planet, each with it’s own High Elder. All the Elders form the Council of the Finsceal. The Elders are the political and spiritual guide of the tribe.

War is very uncommon here, but it is not unknown, weapons are still created. The people feel no need to use ‘advanced technology’ though it is not beyond them. There are noted scientists who work with springs, gears, and other things for fun. If they needed to, the Comharthen could rocket beyond all expectations that they ever held for themselves in this scientific field.

On the surface of Aigean, there are massive trees. These trees have naturally forming caverns in their trunks, giving ample space for a family to live within. The flora and fauna are well cared for. Only part of the space on the land is forested. The Comharthen do not wander into the waste land beyond it. That is almost completely devoid of life and resources, yet they will explore it as needed.

For all the Comhharthen know, the sands in the desert contain nothing. It would be left to the back of the mind except that it is slowly growing. The space of the forest is shrinking and they either need space to move into, or a way to hold back the wastleland. The tribes on the borders of the forest was the first to notice this change and have since become restless. This restlessness is the closest to violence the whole planet has been for longer than most of the elders have been alive.

Some important ceremonies are the Staining, Joining and Fomhar Welcoming. The Staining happens at the birth of a new member. A special seed is implanted in the child and out from it comes the markings that distinguishes it physically from others. These tattoo-like markings will grow and expand as they grow older, though it remains flat against the skin. Where the seed is planted depends on what tribe it was born into. Also, it is the symbol of being part of society. If there is a great wrong done or the need for banishment, the seed is extracted and the vine tattoos retract, leaving bare skin. This is one of the ultimate dishonors and if it happens, by accident or not, the now bare Comharthen often feels compelled to wander in the sands for the rest of its life.

The Joining is the basic marriage ceremony. There is a set time every ‘year’ that this happens and for two Comharthen, from which ever tribe, it is when they are permanently ‘joined.’ Fomhar Welcoming is the traditional thanks for life and a time for displaying the years achievements. It lasts for 5 ‘days’ and starts after the first Solar Eclipse after winter(this happens four times every year and is known as Seangaigh)

Laith Banu's Planet

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