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Planet Morph had no name when the Book Morphs arrived there some thousand years ago. The Kern, a humanoid species, were the only humanoid residents of the planets in that star system. They have a strong psychic connection with one another and with the actual planet, which is very much a living being. The Kern occupy the marshes of Morph. They eat the small animals and insects who live there, and the many fruits and vegetables that grow in the surrounding fertile areas. Much of the Kern’s domain is swampy. Some of the Kern did become industrialists and created great cities where “science” and “technology” thrived. Part of their goal was to heal their planet’s ailments as they arose. At times, the soil on the planet became deprived of nutrients and the Kern worked hard to create juices to replenish. The Kern also learned how to generate new cells, and thus, to make food in their labs. However, they did not realize that the vapors their simple machines were using were releasing chemicals that were destroying the atmosphere that protected the planet and all of the residents of the planet.

When the Morphs arrived, many of the Kern were ill or malnourished. The Morphs had vast amounts of food with them due to their recent trading with the beings of Planet Great Chef. Initially, the Kern were grateful for the presence of the Morphs on their planet and welcomed them with open arms. The Morphs, in turn, created the Book Dimension in a way that it surrounded the planet. This coincidentally blocked the harmful rays beating down on the planet. The Kern rejoiced as they could once again be outdoors to grow their food and move between towns and cities to trade.

After about 100 years on Planet Morph, the Book Morphs began to suffer from a loss of nutrients. The planet they originally came from, that had been burned up by a nearby star, was in close proximity to Planet Great Chef. But, now, the Morphs found themselves with no food source. Morphs require very little to survive, and the Kern, still grateful for the Morph’s help with protecting the planet, began to provide the Morphs with nutrient supplements and fruit. The Morphs were grateful and to this day hold the Kern in high esteem. However, the newer generations of Kern consider themselves slaves to the Morphs, having to tend to all the physical maintenance of the Morph’s temporary dwellings in addition to providing nourishment. There are Kern scientists who believe they have come up with a device that will protect their planet from harmful rays and that the Book Dimension is no longer necessary. This small group of rebellious Kern have been blocking transport of food and supplies to the Morphs. So far, there are still enough loyal Kern to keep the rebels at bay, but many of the Morphs have had to stay out of the Book Dimension for long periods of time to help the loyal Kern protect the food and resources. When a Morph is out of the Book Dimension for too long, he or she loses the connection with his or her people because the Morphs remain unified and empathetic to one another as a result of the book experience.

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Lit Cee's Planet

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