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WHAT IS Space Café?

Space Café is a LARP (Live Action Role Playing) event to be held at the Culpeper County Library on June 26th. We will meet twice, but the second date has not yet been determined. The event is for teens, ages 12-18. Participants must make up characters on the Obsidian Portal website prior to registering for the actual LARP event.

On June 26th, participants will arrive at the library dressed in costume as the character they have selected to play for the event. At the door, each person will be given several cards to use throughout the event. Teens will have initiatives, such as helping to cure illness on their planet or helping to feed their people. Players will also have value cards, such as food, water, medical equipment, etc. to trade or offer.

The Space Café will be set up like a coffee shop in outer space. Lots of candy and other snacks and beverages will be available. Participants are encouraged to mingle at tables put out around the room. There will be conversation cards on the tables to help characters find things to discuss. Bonus points will be awarded to people who stay in character throughout the game.

For more information, contact Laini Bostian: 540-825-8691

You need to JOIN the campaign to participate. Once you join, send Laini, the GM, a message requesting to join. Once you are allowed access, you can create your character and planet.

You can create characters even if you do not plan to attend the event.

Registration to attend the event will be open on June 15th.

Planet Creation

Create a character (copy & paste the following to the new character page )

Copy and Paste the following into your “bio” when you make a character and fill in the info.:


Sex: M F Both


Three Special Skills:

Two Weaknesses:

Behaves the Following Way in Social Situations:

Name of Planet and what People of Planet Need:

More About Me:

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