Martin von Heisendorkel's Planet

Planet Zedrhu has three major species. They are dragons, zebu (Water Buffalo), and humans. Everything else is fish or insects. The buffalo are the main source of clothing and meat. The dragons live only on the peaks of mountains, but the water buffalo completely populate the plains. The dragons are almost never seen unless you are out on the plains when they come down to hunt zebu. All dragons are either red, blue, or black and any mix is immediately banished. The dragons don’t have any wings, but they can soar through the air in a slithering sort of way like snakes. They have four feet, but the front two act like hands when they hunt. One more thing about them is their amazing leaping ability. After they hunt they use a huge jump to get high enough in the air to where they can catch an air current.

The landscape of Zedrhu is plains and mountains. Villages are scattered across the plains. Each village has an alchemist in it like me to act as doctors. There are many rivers that flow through the plains, but nobody goes to the end of them because they want to stay near Tarka. Tarka is the only advanced city on Zedrhu. It is the center of trade and the landing spot for voyagers from other planets. It is located at the base of a mountain. There was a form of wizardry on planet Zedrhu. It involved using energy from your surroundings and casting the energy with something similar to what I believe you other planets call a wand. However, after the Great Magic War, the only major war that our planet has had, all wizardry was banned because of its destructiveness. Now the art is almost completely forgotten.

There is no established govt. on Zedrhu. The villages are small enough that everyone in every village knows every other villager by name. All the villagers are very close and usually none are hostile. However, Tarka does have crimes occur in it. Advertisements are put up about the crime and people work together to catch or determine the culprit put after the culprit is caught it is left to the victim of the culprit’s crime to determine what to do with him.

The schooling in the villages of Zedrhu only lasts until you are twelve. One lady teaches the children of the village at her house every day for six days a week. Once a child becomes twelve however, the child is apprenticed to some adult for their future job.

Jobs in Zedrhu villages (Since Lit asked) Alchemist-in charge of all medical help the village requires or any sciences that they need. Scribe-in charge of all the records that the village has and records any important events that occur.

Teacher-teaches the children basic facts or life skills until they are apprenticed. 
Smiths-in charge of metal or stone working.
Washwoman or washman-in charge of all the village laundry.
Farmers-in charge of growing crops for the village.
Hunters-in charge of hunting zebu with chemicals provided by the alchemist.
Butcher-butchers all the zebu meat.
Tailor-in charge of making clothing (robes, since that is the standard dress of Zedrhu) for the village.
Managers-in charge of taking inventory on the village's food and resources and distributing them equally.
Elders and children-Over 50 or under 12. They have no jobs. 
Teens-12 through 18. They are apprentices.

Martin von Heisendorkel's Planet

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