The Magic Wars on Martin's Planet

It all started during a conference. Just like all the alchemists, the wizards from every village met anually in Tarka. One of them, Thaddeus, suggested that we go along with something known as government. In it we would be governed and guided so that our planet could be perfect. One wizard was extremely outspoken against this. His name was Detros. Detros said that the planet was living happily with out any interference from a governing body. The two of them argued and argued and evewntually the rest of the members were called on to take sides. The vote was for Thaddeus and a government was established.

Detros did not take kindly to what he conidered a betrayal of his fellow wizards. He gathered up all the wizards that apposed the government and began to sabotage the site of the building of the government building. Thaddeus knew what he was up to, but realized that Detros wasn’t doing to much harm and continued with the building of the government building.

When the building was finally complete, Thaddeus took the head chair as supreme wizard of Zedrhu. But, Detros had other plans. His wand was located underground in a cellar that was owned by one of his friends. Throughout every day, Detros’ wand was absorbing sunlight (because all wands ran on solar power). Every night, the crack was closed up so that no passerby could see the glow it was giving off due to all of its collected energy. After two weeks of nonstop absorbing energy, Detros proclaimed it was ready. They woke up at dawn and went out into the city streets. Just as Vidra (our solar system’s star) was peeking over the horizon, Detros fired the energy… straight at the government building. The building burst in a magnificent explosion of flame. The entire village awoke at the sound, including Thaddeus who was amazed to see his capital building in flames. He immediately had all the wizards under his command surround Tarka. Detros had not fled Tarka, because someone wandering the plains can be seen for miles. Detros was stuck in Tarka.

Thaddeus thought that they would definitly catch Detros soon and the borders of Tarka would be reopened, but Detros had a plan. He had hid among the ruined government building where no one was searching and he heard news daily from comrades who came to him. After weeks of this, Tarka was getting very angry, as well as traders from villages becausew of the blocked borders. Thaddeus finally proclaimed that you could leave Tarka as long as youb weren’t identified as Dettros or one of his accomplices. However, Detros had many allies that Thaddeus didn’t know about. One of them was able to leave the city, them began to proceed to the mountains. When he reached the peak, he found the dragons. He hid near them and studied them for a few days. He could tell that there was a young dragon (young being less than 100 years old) who was wild and rebellious. One day, while the other red dragons were sleeping the young dragon snuck out. The dragon found the man and nuzzled up against him. Before the other dragons had awoke, the man had flown off toward Tarka on the back of the dragon.

They flew above the clouds so that they could not be easily seen by the guards at Tarka. Once they were directly above the ruined government building, the man took the dragon into a dive. At once, guards saw this swirling red beast that came from the clouds. They ran toward the government building on the far edge of Tarka, but they were not fast enough. They dragon landed, picked up Detros, and flew away again. With two passengers, the dragon could not fly as high as the clouds, but he was able to catch wind. As they flew away, Thaddeus shouted, “This is war!”

They escaped to the village of Brysuj where they began their revolution. Detros began to visit every village and teach magic to all the men, while teaching all the women to make wands. Eventually he had raised an army, but so had Thaddeus. Thaddeus’ army chased Detros, throughout the village. At every village he came to, he met resistance from the small force of wizards that Detros had taught. Thaddeus usually slaughtered them with his army, staying on the trail of Detros.

Detros realized that he couldn’t run forever. He formed a plan and fled to the mountains, leaving clues about his trail in the previous village. Thaddeus and his army raced after him. Eventually, Detros reached the red mountain, not named after the color, because it wasn’t red, but because it contained the home of the red dragons. Due to Scorch, the red dragon, Detros had about a three days headstart. Detros flew to the top of the mountain finding the red dragon clan. The dragons roared at the intruder, but Scorch must have put in a good word for him because they left Detros alone. Detros proceeded to put his wand in a place out of the shade where it could collect the most sunlight.

Three days later, Thaddeus reached the first mountain in the mountain range, the red mountain. They camped in a cave at the base of the mountain with a plan of sending out search parties throughout the range the next day. Detros observed their arrival, and got ready. When it was long into the night, Detros released the energy from the wand. The giant glowing ball crashed into the mountainside and an avalanche began. The snow raced down the mountainside collapsing the opening to the cave. Thaddeus and his army wasa stuck inside. Detros knew they were trapped because their wands would not work without any sunlight.

The dragons were furious that Detros would do something like that to their mountain. Detros fled on Scorch before the dragons decided what they would do to him. Alas, when Detros returned to the village, he was not a hero. The people were apalled that Detros would do such a mass murder. Detros was banished from the villages. After seeing what immense damage had been caused by this war, the villagers agreed never to use magic again. Also, the idea of a govenment has never been proposed again because of the horror it caused. One good thing, however, is that was the last time in Zedrhu’s history that there was a war.


The Battles of the War


Kareth was the first village that Detros traveled to. Thaddeus’s army was in hot pursuit, so Detros left quickly. With a few days before the army reached their village, Kareth was able to produce a small amount of wands. When Thaddeus finally arrived, however, they still weren’t ready. Thaddeus split his army and slowly marched into the village from two sides. The village was easily defeated from lack of weapons, and Thaddeus was able to get the information of Detros’s whereabouts from a villager.


Jantos was prepared. They immediately began making wands after Detros arrived as well as a battle plan. Every day a man would get up on the roof of one of the outskirts of the village. He would look out onto the plains and watch for Thaddeus during a 2 hour shift.

The army came in the night. Thaddeus knew he had a disadvantage when it came to surprise. Due to the vastness of the plains, it would be immensely difficult to sneak up on a village, so Thaddeus’s army had waited at the nearest mountain, then crept toward the village once night fell. It was five miles from the mountain to the town and Thaddeus hoped that they could make it unnoticed.

But the man on the roof was watching. At first he wasn’t sure what was out there becuase they had just changed shifts and his eyes hadn’t adjusted yet, but eventually he could realize that it was the giant army. The watchman quickly hid his wand so that its pulsating light wouldn’t be seen by anyone out there. He snuck down from his perch and grabbed the man who was on the shift before him.

"They're out there," he said.
"How far?" 
"About one mile." 
"Then we must wake up the rest of the village."

The two men went around waking up all the fighting force that they had, including Detros. The group quietly climbed up onto the roofs of their houses and readied their wands which had been charging energy for a few days. They got down so that they were laying flat on the roof and waited silently. When Thaddeus’s army reached the fence surrounding the village, he began to quietly give out orders. First he posted about twenty wizards around away from the village. “If Detros tries to fly away, shoot him down,” said Thaddeus. Then he spread his army surrounding the village. “When I give the call,” said Thaddeus, “charge the village and wreck destruction wherever you can. I have set others to take care of Detros. Kill any people that fight back. Group the remaining citizens in a circle at the center of the village. I will decide what to do with them.”

When he was ready, Thaddeus prepared to give the call. He opened his mouth when suddenly a voice bellowed “Attack!”. At first Thaddeus was furious because he thought that one of his soldiers had decided to start the attack, when green balls of energy began to fly out of the village.

The initial hit was devastating. The villagers had been aiming at the spots where the biggest groups of people were. Chaos ensued as troops tried to find out what happened while others started the charge. Detros saw his chance. Scorch leaped into the air and began to fly. One diligent wizard who had managed not to be fazed by the sudden attack fired an arrow, but Scorch saw it coming and swerved to avoid it.

Thaddeus eventually regrouped the army. There were many casualties from the original energy bursts as well as those that had charged into the village only to find that no help had followed. Thaddeus had a difficult decision to make. He knew that he could put the village under siege, but he didn’t know how long that would take, and Detros might to be able to gather fighters from other villages to come help. Also, if he besieged the village, then Detros would have an immense amount of time to prepare other villages for battle and to get away.

Thaddeus finally made a choice. He split his army into three groups, and put generals in charge of two of them. They left Jantos and split up to go to different villages and search for Detros. To this day, Jantos has been considered the first success of Detros’s army.

Fiefra, Martin and Lock’s town

General Borg was one of the two generals that Thaddeus appointed. Borg took one third of the army, and proceeded east from Jantos toward Fiefra. Fiefra was a medium sized town, a little bit smaller than Jantos. It was the last village that neighbored Jantosto get information about the approaching army from Detros. When Detros got there, Borg was only a two days march away. Fiefra didn’t have much time to produce weapons, so they realized they had to make a plan.

The village alchemist, named Timothy, proposed that they use the zebu hunting chemical. It could not make humans brain dead like it did to zebu, but it could put them asleep. Instead of wands, most people went out gathering the things needed for the production of the chemical. Once 100 tiny vials were produced, they were placed around the village within the range of magic energy balls.

Borg stopped his army right outside the reach of magic. Using Thaddeus’s tactic, he surrounded the village preparing for siege, as well as giving orders to wizards to hunt zebu with their wands since they had no chemicals. The army set up came and began to wait, sending an occasional energy blast at the village, but most dissolved in air before they reached it because they were to far away.

When night came, the villagers got up onto the roofs with their wands and prepared to shoot. Their wands had been charging all day and were producing enormous energy. When everyone was ready, they fired the blasts.

The army was safely outside the reach of the blasts, but not the chemicals. At night, the army could not see the nearly invisible chemical float into the air as all the scattered vials exploded. To the army, it seemed as if the villagers had only attempted a lousy attack, but within minutes, they were all asleep. The villagers crept out to the sleeping army, and removed all their wands. They bound as many as they could (they did not have enough rope to bind them all) and waited for them to wake up. When the soldiers woke, they realized that they were weaponless and quickly surrendered. Detros and many of the men of the village began to question Borg. Borg informed them that they had just left Jantos and had come to Fiefra in search of Detros. Detros took a quarter of the villagers and began to march the army back to Jantos. Detros flew ahead to Jantos and informed them of the approaching captives. The captives reached Jantos without incident after a few days. When the people of Jantos saw how many captives they had had to guard, they came to a solution. Tarka had many buildings were people could be held and monitored. The mix of men from Fiefra and Jantos began to march toward Tarka with hopes of conquering it. Detros flew away to go inform other villages that he had not yet reached about the remaining armies.


Tarka was way too big to be guarded and all the grown men were part of the army that Thaddeus established. Three soldiers from Jantos journeyed into Tarka and found a family of a mother and two kids. They found out that after the fathers had left, Tarka had become a city of senior citizens, women, and children. An old man named Kret had taken charge of the city. As the soldiers began to get ready to leave and search for Kret, magic began to blast through the wall. A group of women were outside firing at them.

“Give us the wizards that we saw go in there and we’ll leave you alone!” said the women. “Kret wants to have hostages to bargain with in case the army tries to attack us. One of the soldiers fired a blast at them, missing on purpose. They ran away off in a different direction.

“Follow them. They’re probably heading to warn Kret that the army has started infiltrating the city,” said a soldier.

The women turned about two corners and ran down a long street, then entered a building. They went upstairs and the men quietly followed. However, as the wizards began to ascend the stairs, one of them tripped and fell on the ground. Kret ran to a window and jumped out when he saw the soldiers on the stairs. The soldiers backtracked down the stairs and ran after him. Kret had a wand and he fired one shot at them. One was hit, falling over and another stopped to help him.

Realizing that only one man was left trailing him, Kret began to take turns ducking and weaving onto different streets. As he passed by one building, the soldier fired a blast at him, missing and hitting a window. The window shattered and glass landed on Kret’s leg, knocking him down and cutting him badly.

Kret was taken back out of the city to the army. He agreed to let the army enter the city and use a place to hold the prisoners. Many of the prisoners were fathers of families in Tarka and some were let loose to return to their families since they were forced into the army and it was assumed that they wouldn’t try anything since they were back with their families. Only the very loyal ones to Thaddeus were kept confined. Once they realized how many men they would need to maintain the city and hold the prisoners, a lot of men were allowed to return to Fiefra or Jantos.


After the defeat at Jantos, Thaddeus was humiliated. He realized that he definitely need to win battles, even though he had confidence in his generals.

The wizard from Goffta was in the army with him, so Thaddeus hatched a plan. He had no idea if Detros was in the village, but he was quite sure that Detros would have come to them already; they would be prepared. Thaddeus’s army was about 30 graffs (equivalent to 80 earth meters) away from the village, just outside of the reach of magic. He sent Goffta’s wizard, Gorn, ahead of the army. When the villagers saw the lone man approaching the village, they almost fired at him, when they suddenly realized that it was their own village wizard that had left for the magic conference long ago.

At first, some of the men shouted at him for siding with Thaddeus. They were angry that he would turn against them. Gorn tried to explain that Thaddeus had a great plan to ensure that people got equal rights and equal privileges. As he tried to convince them, some of the men began to shout at him and calling him a traitor, saying that a thing like the government would end up taking away all their money and freedoms, but others started to be swayed by Gorn.

“You’re not falling for this, are you?!” shouted one named Aaron.

“Why not?” said another named Davic. “We would never let the government control us!”

“The whole point of it was for it to control its people!” Aaron replied. Aaron walked over to Gorn and spat on him. “You don’t belong to us anymore!”

A civil war broke out in the village. Thaddeus chose this point to attack the village. The army swarmed in wrecking chaos. They killed many villagers, including Aaron. The worse part, however, was that the army didn’t know who was on which side. Thaddeus’s soldiers attacked any villager they saw, assuming they were one of the ones against them. Almost the entire village was wiped out, and Gorn was found dead as well, all it is not known if it was due to friendly fire.

Thaddeus searched desperately for Detros or Scorch, but no sign of him was found. After realizing that Detros definitely was not there, Thaddeus commanded his army to pack up and head away, leaving a war-torn Goffta behind them.


Ogabau was a relatively new village. The houses were not yet finished and General Unteunc knew that it should be

The Magic Wars on Martin's Planet

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