A Powerful Demon on Coven, enemy to Xiantas


Golden blonde-haired girl, slightly curly hair with bright blue eyes. She is a Demon and a strong one at that.


Amorae is supposed to be about 500 years old. When she was about eighteen she was given some sort of potion that took away her spirit, sending her to the world of the spiritless called the Black Void. Her twin brother was called Ansam. He was the same Ansam that ravaged Coven and was killed by Xiantas and Xanthos. Before Ansam’s death. Xanthos brought the eighteen year old Amorae out of the Black Void when he went in to get Xiantas (quite the long story and a painful past for Xiantas). At the time Xanthos and Xiantas didn’t know her power or that she was Ansam’s sister and thought she was a harmless and very helpful girl.

Amorae is now trying to take over the Demon kingdom and annhilate the Vampires and Crimsons.


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