Aurora Kikimus

Aurora is a peaceful girl. She believes everyone plays an important role in the outcome of their planet.


Character’s name: Aurora Kikimus

Character’s home planet: Zachtimus

Character’s species: Zachtimian


Customs of species in social situations: They are usually peaceful and they think before they act. Zactimians are a knowlegeable species and they love to share their knowlege. Zachtimians believe in respect and the biggest insult you can give them is to be disrespectful when they are sharing their knowlege.

Character’s rank or title: Aurora is a DeCult (a better description is what Earthlings would describe as a mixture of Priestess, mage, and a Peace activist)

Special Skills: She has the ability to calm. Very strong DeCult. Can form a very strong bond with any form of Galiel.

Weaknesses: Dark magick.

One thing you need for your home planet: An established form of government, eco-friendly technology. Some form of long-distance transportation.

Items carried to WILF event: Her knowlege (yes its not a physical item but still!), her sacred nightwanderer, and a writing utensil/pad of paper so she can write things about other planets for Bec’s entertainment.


Aurora is dedicated to her job as a DeCult. When she was born Aurora, her twin brother, and her mother almost died during childbirth (which, to Zachtimians, is a sign of destined greatness). Her brother was feeble and to Aurora’s knowlege, died. Her mother gave Aurora up to the local DeCult to be trained in their ways. (DeCults are very powerful spiritual leaders). Aurora’s tutor (Bec) is a world renowned DeCult known for her fight in the War of the Stars. Under Bec’s guidance and tuitalage Aurora blossomed into a powerful DeCult. When Bec decided that Aurora was fit to set out on her own Bec and Aurora began the Ritual of Mother Earth. Part of the ritual is to travel to the sacred city Trojenhiem to be blessed in the river Ookami. When Aurora was being blessed something rare and beautiful happened. Their deity (who is known as Uay) appeared before them delivering a prophecy about Aurora. Uay said that Aurora was destined to decide the fate of her world with her own blood.

When Aurora went to a neighboring village on claims of necromancy and dark magic she stumbled across a place she sensed was evil and wrong. It was a dark temple and she could hear voices coming from inside, chanting. She crept inside, drawn by dark promises and power. After turning several corners, walking down long corridors, going deeper and deeper into the temple Aurora came to the source of the chanting. It looked like some sort of gathering. There was a pulpit with a dark figure standing inside delivering a speech about embracing darkness, jealousy, and envy. As his sermon went on he promised power and unbelievable destruction as long as you swore yourself to him and his cause. He talked about erradicating this world of the weak and building kingdoms of unmistakable power. All the needed was to spread the word of how being one with Uay was wrong but following his path was what was best. Aurora couldnt believe it! This dark being was establishing himself as a god and taking people from the path of good and putting them on the path of evil. The meeting came to an end and Aurora used a cloaking spell to hide herself from the eyes of his followers. After everyone left the dark figure rose and strode past. Right when he passed he stopped. He looked right at her and said,”Those pitiful spells wont work on me.” He cast a spell and Aurora was pinned to a wall. ” Watch yourself….. Sister” Then he just disapeared. Aurora’s mind was reeling as she stumbled out.

“What? Thats impossible! My brother is dead!” As she thought she realized there never was a funeral or even a grave. Every time she tried talking to her mother about it she never got very far. He did look like a Kikimus green eyes, chisled features, an air of mystery.

As Aurora returned to her village, her duty to the neighboring city temporarily forgotten, she swore to herself that she would track down her “brother”. Bec watched Aurora aware of the internal struggle, but was not sure what it was about. Bec tried to make contact with Aurora but Aurora continued to walk with a distant, glazed look. Bec invited Aurora to her homely hut to talk and sip some tea. When Aurora finally came Bec questioned her, unelentlesly wanting answers. When Aurora did spill

Aurora Kikimus

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