clumsy and funny also friendly


I am determined to do anything for my planet.I have many powers such as forcefield ,invisibility,strength,metamorphosis,and strong hearing.I use special kind or weapons such as a magical sling shot,a magical buffalo horn,and a satchel filled with magical creatures and devices that will help when I need it the most.My weakness is Orange Juice or anything acidic.This is what I need when ever I have a mission.


I am Derrii and I come from a far away planet called the Detorial planet of Dex.I was born on the planet Earth from a normal family but then a huge tornado blew our house and my parents died. Now I am adopted by a family which seems normal but I had figured out that they were not normal. After a couple of years a huge comotion began to happen and suddenly everyone started to scatter around, packing all there life necessities. Whiles all this was happening I had fallen a sleep in the middle of the floor, and by the time I woke up I was here. I have been on this planet for 300 years ever since; (which is 15 years in earthling years)well I’m stuck in a very hard situation.Mr.Dex is trying to eliminate all the people of Dex.Which cannot happen because if we the people of Dex are eliminated There will be clones of Mr.Dex and his plan of destroying the Earth will succeed and he will be the ruler of the universe.So now me and the only person that believes me(nickolii)wil have to figure out a way to save our planet and that is my goal to become a hero and be noticed as a citizen of Detorial planet of Dex.


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