Demon Possessed Child Bred For Relocation to Other Planets for Conquest.


“Demon” Danger class: S Possessive demon that takes over and shuts down the body in weak breeds. In stronger breeds, it takes over but remains dormant, shutting down some bodily functions (Need for sleep, Need for eating and drinking, need for using the rest room, and the growth of the physical body(preventing death of natural causes)

Subject Recent testing Name:Inu (Intellagent Notable User) Status: N/A Age: Physical Appearance: 16 True Age: 4302 Details of Test Subject from Log 430000….. Accessing….. Access Granted! =D Inu, was place on the planet today, and almost imediatly they were attacked. Both bodies were possessed and niether were recovered, Relocation to planet 5467 (Division 6 In X74 Y92 Z027 and Delta 9) Has failed and we haven’t even left the atmosphere. This planet should be avoided. Erased from the Map. And this project will be buried. The remaining subjects on other planets who have not made contact may have been attacked by the same creatures. Plans for continuation of the Project: N/A


One of the first to explore from their planet, Inu, was selected from a group of children taken away at the age of barely 15 to be left to live on a planet with someone of the opposite gender. Quickly, they realized that the planet was unihabitable, After the killing of the girl sent with Inu to the planet. The problem with the planet was there a possessing sort of “demon like creature”. The girl named Tori, Was killed instantly by the effect, Inu lived on for years on the planet.

Bio: Inu is a demon possessed boy who has been alone on a planet for over 4000 years, His phyisacal appearence and strength have not changed, he has not grown taller, his hair is no longer, his finger nails stay at a constant long sharp curve, never to be clipped because they will not grow back. The demon that possessed him gave him the power to use the telepathy and speak aswell, As his mind is older than his body he possesses intellagence far beyond his age. He has also devolped an Ability to communicate with other demons of equal or lower power using a high pitched telepathy only some races can hear but not understand. His problem is that, he needs to find his original planet. He has no means of getting back there, and no knowledge of where his planet is or even it’s name(as everything was coded in numbers back than) His skills included Running Quickly Increased Intellagence and advanced Communication His weakness is, under certain circumstances he cannot continue to control his body and can only communicate using the demonic language. Bio of Inu Complete

Progressing to Bio data of Subject 70|P\1 Subject: Tori (Terrific Organized Running Interface) Status: Deceased Age:N/A Details:.... Accessing…. File Corrupted… /End Line… IMPORTANT DATA CRASH|8374 ||34\/4 |\? 15 |-|0/\/\3IMPORTANT DATA CRASH /Deleting… /History Erased --Heaven Lost…


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