The Universe

The Universe In the year 2502, the people of Earth discovered that there were indeed many species of aliens scattered on various planets throughout the universe. Some planets have humanoid inhabitants. The people of “The Cowboy Planet”, as coined by humans because the residents all wear 10 gallon hats and chaps, ride horses for transportation, and engage in armed disputes frequently, look almost exactly like Earthlings. The only difference is in the placement of some of their internal organs and the additional arm-like limbs protruding from their waists. Other planets, such as “Planet Water”, as coined by humans because the planet is almost entirely covered by water, have inhabitants that are vastly different from humanoids but do quite resemble animals found on Earth. For example, the Mermals reside on Planet Water. They are similar in appearance to sea lions, but they wear clothing woven from fibers beneath the sea and enjoy smoking pipes while relaxing and sunning themselves on rocky islands. Then, there are planets where the inhabitants are completely foreign in nature and appearance to human beings. One such planet is “Volcanico”, so named because many of the residents there look like chunks of volcanic rock. Their normal body temperature is 180 degrees Fahrenheit. They are difficult to understand as their language is primarily of a psychic nature and their thought patterns are not taking place in an organized brain, thus making them difficult to extract.

Today, in 2705, we have technology available on Earth that allows us to understand the languages of most aliens, and even a thought processor that can interpret the electrical impulses exchanged between beings. The former of course is used only with permission as it would be incredibly invasive to read thoughts. And, as thoughts are so changeable, our understanding of the cognitions are somewhat limited. For instance, “I’ll see you for dinner at 10:00” might be easily mistaken for “I’ll be eating you for dinner later this evening”. So, again, the instruments used in this sort of mind reading capacity are regarded as imperfect and require the absolute cooperation of those being scanned. Those being scanned need to think as clearly and slowly as possible for the equipment to provide accurate readings.

Throughout the universe as we know it now there are 569 planets where life flourishes. And, with the use of various alien technologies, we are able to travel to almost all but the most distant planets. There are many worlds that have not yet been explored, and aliens and humans work in tandem to search for more sentient life.

In order to maintain a peaceful setting in the universe, the Order of WILF (Well Intentioned Life Forms) was formed. 127 planets have representatives in the Order of WILF. Several meetings, trade exchanges, and social gatherings are held annually between the members. The majority of communication is done via podcast by various leaders updating the Council of the WILF and its Chair about conditions on their worlds. The WILF maintains a Guard and a strong Recruitment Team. The Guard attempts to keep warfare from erupting between worlds. However, they are not responsible for wars waged on the planets.

On June 22nd of 2705, this year, a meeting of several members of the WILF will be held. The meeting will be an informal affair, but participants will of course be allowed to seek advice on matters at hand on their own planets. Additionally, each attendee will have a law they would like to add to the WILF Constitution and something that he or she or heshe needs for the welfare of his or her or hisher planet. Each member of the WILF of course has a different set of skills, which might be useful in helping the residents of other planets to solve problems. In addition, each participant carries three objects of importance and of course, is dressed in accordance with acceptable dress on his or her or hisher home world. There will be lots of Earth candy and other refreshments offered as the participants are encouraged to take social time and to get to know more about one another’s planets.

We ask you, if you wish to attend this event, to name and describe your planet, your species, and the customs of your species in social situations. We also need to know what your station is, what three skills you possess, what two weaknesses you have and what items you carry. Finally, tell us one thing that you need for your planet.

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The Universe

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